What are your Top 3 Photographs?

Children of Payatas

Recently I’ve been reflecting on the type of photography I enjoy the most. I’m fortunate to work as a full time photographer/videographer, but I’ve come to realize that many assignment I get paid to do don’t have a lot of personal meaning for me. Don’t get me wrong – I’m passionate about creating good work, it’s just that much of what I do is used for a corporate purpose. Again, there is nothing wrong with this, but it got me thinking about what pieces of my own work do I value the most. I set out to pick my top three images – the three images from my body of work that I have the strongest connection to. [Read more…]

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Announced

Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon has announced the long-awaited 5D Mark IV. I’m always interested to see the different reactions to a new camera and it’s spec list. You always seem to have a group of ‘haters’ who are never impressed and then there are the fan boys & girls who think it’s a must buy. [Read more…]

Creating Meaningful Work

Children of Payatas

A few weeks ago I had an experience that if I’m being honest, I’m still trying to process. I had the opportunity to travel to the Philippines and visit some amazing people in extremely humble circumstances. I don’t think I’m a good enough writer to fully portray the totality of the thoughts and feelings I had during and after this experience, but I’ll try to paint a picture. [Read more…]

Tips for Better Real Estate or Architectural Photography

architecture photography

Real estate photography is a bit of right of passage. Some of my first paid photography jobs were for realtors that needed photos for their listings. I still do real estate photography on occasion, but I usually hold out for the higher end properties that demand a higher end photography to show them off.

If you have shot interiors before, you know how tricky it can be to get a quality image, especially when dealing with different light levels and color temperatures. In this video tutorial, I show you how I use a single speed light to capture multiple exposures lighting various parts of this apartment. I then demonstrate using photoshop to blend the different images into a single image. [Read more…]

Practical Tips For Finding Work as a Photographer

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 3.47.43 PM

Trying to build a photography business can be like being lost in the woods. You stumble around not really knowing what to do or what direction to go. Hopefully you eventually come to a clearing and can see what’s working and what you need to do next. But even if you do, you’re still not out of the woods without a ton of hard work and trudging through rough terrain.

Many blog posts about finding work as a photographer are not all that helpful. Usually they consist of a laundry list of marketing activities that are designed to get you “exposure” without having to actually talk to anyone. Posting on social media is not a marketing strategy anymore, although it can be part of one.

Hopefully this post will be different. [Read more…]

Michael O’Neal Shares his Experience at Apple and Compares Photography to Jazz


Today, Adorama released Episode 12 of Season 2 of its web series “Through The Lens,” which features fashion and lifestyle photographer Michael O’Neal (@moneal).

Born and raised in NYC, Michael is now based in San Francisco, where he previously worked as a creative director for Apple. Some of his clients include Nest, Mercedes Benz, DSW, Refinery 29, Sightglass Coffee, and Vogue Magazine.

With nearly 700K followers on Instagram, Michael’s work is so sought after that it has been covered in VogueHuffington PostDefinition and more. In “Through The Lens,” Michael discusses his best tips and tools of the trade to inspire today’s aspiring photographers. [Read more…]

New Stunning Option for Hanging Prints – Bay Photo Xpozer Wall Display

Bay Photo Xpozer Wall Display Review

I’ve recently started printing more of my work. There is something about a quality print that brings satisfaction that viewing your imagery digitally can not replicate. I highly recommend printing and displaying your work. If you run out of wall space, you can always sell or giveaway your older prints as gifts to make room for new ones. What good is your work if it stays hidden on your hard drive?

One company that I’ve come to trust with printing my work is Bay Photo. They provide outstanding support and product quality and today I’d like to tell you about one of their new, innovative products, the Xpozer wall display system. [Read more…]